How to Find Global Product Sources and Reliable Wholesale Suppliers

Sometimes, finding the right sources and suppliers can be the most challenging part of running a business. Just as other service in market, only few are really reliable and worth the cooperation. Here are several brilliant ways to find you fine product sources and reliable suppliers for your business or company:

Visit the Trade Show

Trade show is simply a shortcut to find the entire suppliers and resources you will need. You can take time to visit their booth one by one and try to find the perfect one. This can be hard but you will be able to tell the best as soon as you visit them and know their service and product. Choosing the best one will be easier then.

Read the Trade Magazine

Trade magazine posts news on business and companies, and also suppliers and sources of them. The news will get you the insight on the available products and services you may be interested to. If you are interested to one, you should contact them and ask for samples or catalogues to know them more. Do not order first.

Industry Association

Companies and businesses commonly join in association or organization. The key of joining such organizations will be you have more contacts than you can get. On their mission, you will even be able to reach suppliers and sources from other countries and continents. This is your chance to get the best ones. You should join such organization and association.

Spy on Competitors

You must have fine and challenging competitors. Spy on them. Try to find out where they get their sources and suppliers. Sometimes, it will give you a clue on where and how to find your own. In other side it also tells you their quality and later, you will be able to find ways to compete their standard.


Use recommendation. You will not get this from your competition. However, you can draw recommendation from your investors that have enough experience on this field. You can also consult to expert about this. They commonly have fair judgement on businesses, companies, sources, and suppliers.

Now, you can try the ways one by one. Sometimes, you will just find them right away. Sometimes, it will take time and more effort too. Never give up on just any sources and suppliers. You will need the best one. Keep trying and may you find the best sources and suppliers very soon.

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