5 Tips to Create Professional Business Card

Professional Business Card 300x245 5 Tips to Create Professional Business CardYour business card is also an essential part in presenting good and professional image of you and your company or business. So, you cannot choose random designs for your business card or people will only throw out your card of their holders and you get no potential contact. Here are several tips to make perfect business card.

Design It Well

You will probably need to contact professional designer for this. Or if you have nice skill on this, put appropriate design on it. Commonly, it needs to contain your company or business identity so people know who you are. It needs to clear as well so people do not have difficulties in reading it.

Simple is the Key

Keep the card simple. Too many ornaments or graphics on your business card does not make you look good. Instead, people are not really interested in reading it. They know that it will be difficult for them to find the needed information. Keep it simple but totally readable for all.

Keep the Standard Size

Many people think that making extraordinary business card will bring them extraordinary partnership or numbers of customer. Meanwhile, in most cases, it results on the opposite thing. The standard size is 3.5”x2”. This is already the ideal size and people’s holders are commonly suitable already for this size. Other size will be hard to store, and people find it unserious. You do not want that.

Information Appear

Be strict on what information should appear on your business card. Your company or business name, your name, your position, address, and phone numbers, and maybe email and mobile phone numbers, are essential for you to inform. Forget about other unnecessary details. Let people find needed information right away as they read your cards.

Be Firm

Be firm on your business card. It is a business card, not a flyer, brochure, or any other types of ads. It is always preferable that you keep your back part blank. People will like to write additional information about you on it. However, you can also add some more information like location of office on other cities. Don’t let them confused.

Now, look at your business card if you already have one. There may be several parts you need to change. Or you can make one following the tips so your name will be remembered and people will love to contact you for any business occasion.

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