12 Tools to Spy on Competitors

Spy Competitors 300x243 12 Tools to Spy on CompetitorsCuriosity on your competitor movement is a natural instinct. But law prevents you from investigating your competitor just because you want to know more. However, you can do several things which are legal to find out more about their plan and movements.

1. Local Papers

Read the local papers news that contains information or new update on your competitors. This is the easiest way. However, it gives you soon-to-be-done plan, so don’t be satisfied with it.

2. Find Out from Vendors

Make casual conversation and keep it that way. You can investigate and draw information from your vendors about what other companies are up to.

3. Find Out in Trade Show

If there is a trade show, set a secret audience to attend it and visit their booth. Their front men will tell plans and information to attract customers.

4. Plant Tour Investigation

If they have a plantation, join the tour and draw as much information as possible from their tour guide.

5. Secret Shopper on Duty

Secret shopper works like secret agent as well. Shop their products and find out the quality and information you will need. They give information and explanation to customers.

6. Research on Their Website

Access their website. They often post a clue on their plans and visions, and this gives you clue on what they are up to.

7. Their Job Ads

Job ads give you clue on their development or the opposite, their plan, and maybe their current project.

8. Social Media Audience

Many people get detailed information from your competitors’ website audience. Try to find those people and get the entire information you need.

9. Quora Investigation

Quora gives quite complete data. They also have several files they are going to give to investors. This will tell you their steps and plans. Just be keen on it.

10. Slideshare Checking

They forget to delete their slideshare sometimes. Here, we commonly will be able to find complete data on their estimation, their calculation, and other essential data. It’s treasure.

11. LinkedIn

Watch their LinkedIn page. In here, they post update, footages, pre-launching information, and so many other specific data and information. What their movements here and take your advantage.

12. Research on Public Documents

Companies sign on several departments and also submit documents to public departments for the building or companies development. You will be able to access it.

Those ways are alright and do not really break the law. You can start do it to gather information.

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