The Art of the Interview

When looking for a job, most people are preoccupied with getting an interview. However, while getting an interview is undoubtedly important, making the most of that interview is essential in order to turn that interview into a job. Before your next interview, remember the three following tips.

1. Know the company. You may want a job for a variety of reasons, but you have to remember that the interview is conducted by the employer to find the right employee. This means the hiring manager is looking for someone who is a good fit for the company. You can play to this by learning about the company. You should know its services, principles and goals.

2. Know the job. You should also do research about the position. You should know what tasks will be expected and what skills are most beneficial. You need to be able to talk fluently about what the job entails in order to prove that you will be able to succeed if you are in fact hired.

3. Know yourself. Last, you need to know yourself. You need to be able to talk about yourself in relationship to the company and the position. You should be able to plainly discuss your assets in practical terms. You have to convince the employer to hire you.

The interview is often the last step before getting a job. Do not get that far just to be turned back. Prepare for your next interview, and be ready to start your new career.

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