Top 7 Strategies to Get Your First Customer

Customer 300x213 Top 7 Strategies to Get Your First CustomerGetting your first customer is essential moment. It defines how you will lead your business in the future. It is tough but there are several strategies you can go through.

1. Develop More Contacts

For business, contact lists are essential. You can enhance your lists, which are also your potential target, by several ways. Add your personal networking people on the list. Do not forget, your professional contact like vendors can be valuable networking as well. Establish a contact with them, and spread news on your business.

2. Online Ads

People like to find out thing online on their mobile device now. So, manage to have good looking and special online ads on several potential website like social media. You should create a website, a page on Facebook, and maybe Twitter account for interactive advertisement.

3. Local Ads

Local people also need to know that you are on business. Make them talk about your business by advertise it locally on billboards and ad lips radio ads. People tend to be proud to use local product and service. Their testimonials will be your free marketing agents.

4. Tea Time

Set up tea time, or maybe lunch and dinner meeting, with your potential partners and clients. Let them know how you plan to run the business or to satisfy clients. Nice service will be remembered and they will automatically talk about you to others.

5. Private Letter and Follow Up Call

You have contact list. Now explore more and get new potential targets and send them your introduction letter. Let them know you are on business, and give your offer. Give them follow up call so you are there when they want to talk about it.

6. Interactive Website

When people start to know about your service, you should start your website access immediately. Let them find you when they search your business. Make it interactive and informational. You should be able to give as complete information as possible and attract them to have interactive touch with your staff online.

7. Product or Service Launching

When everything is ready, you should make great plan about product or service launching. Invite people over, your vendors, potential customers, and press, to watch your plan and your offer. Inviting press will help you get other people read and know about the launching.

Now, you should try it one by one, or start with most appropriate one to your business. Work hard on it, and be ready on great result.

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